Saturday, January 12, 2013

More updates on Kitchen Remodel

I posted a while ago about the kitchen remodel that has been going on in my house.  The last post showed the before pictures and pictures as we went through the process.  If you want to look at that post you can find it here. If you want to see the most recent updates you can find it here

Here is the list again of the things I wanted done! As you can tell there are a lot more "done's" :)
*Cabinets painted to white (don't like the wood)  Done
*New handles for cabinets Done
*Put crown molding on the tops of the cabinets Done
*Paint crown molding too Done
*Pull the Mica Laminate off the walls behind the counter tops Done
*Fix wall after Mica is pulled off (Plaster and sand) Done
*Paint the walls  Done
*Put in granite counter tops We have paid for them... Just waiting for them to be installed in three weeks :)
*Put in engineering hardwood floors

 Before I show the updated picture... Let show the before one more time.


So, NOW here is the most updated picture of the kitchen before the counter tops.


  1. Your kitchen looks really nice! What/how did you paint your cabinets? I would like to paint mine and I like the color of yours.

    1. Hello Lori! Paint does a world of difference. We bought a hand sander and sanded all the cabinets and doors before we painted them. I would highly recommend using oil based paint for cabinets. It will make the cabinets look better and it will not chip. (I learned this from the paint guy at Sherwin Williams) Be prepared to do several coats because the wood soaks it in. I believe we did about three to four coats. The paint color that I used for the cabinets were Swiss Coffee by Sherwin Williams. If you have anymore questions, please let me know!

  2. Ah-- love light/white cabinets. The room looks so much bigger. Did you remove the doors and hinges to paint? Caitlin (

    1. I love the white cabinets too. We did remove the doors and hinges to paint. We bought new hinges because we didn't like the color of the old ones. We do have more updates on the kitchen on my recent post here

      Thank you for stopping by my blog :)


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