Thursday, January 31, 2013

100th Day of School Ideas and Freebies!

How many of you love the 100th day of school?

I DO and my kids are super excited.

The other day I posted a freebie pennant banner for the 100th day! 
Here is the link if you are interested in downloading it.  

In my classroom, I always send a letter home to invite students to bring in a ziplock bag of 100 things. For example, 100 erasers, 100 beans, 100 small toys. I also invite the students to wear something with 100 things on it. e.g., 100 silly bands,  100 circles/stripes on a shirt, 100 stickers, 100 bead necklace, 100 bows, 100 dots. It is fun to watch the students come up with the most creative things.

Here is an example of the letter that I send home:

In writing time, I have my students write on the topic "What would you buy if you had 100 dollars?"
I love reading what my kindergarteners write because they do not have the concept of how much items are.  I had one say that they were going to buy a sports car and a house. How many of you wish we could get that for 100 dollars?
Here is a copy of the writing sheet that I use for the writing. You can download for free. 

Today, my best friend (which also teaches on my team) and I stayed after school today and made shirts to wear for the 100th day of school! I am so excited about these shirts. I love the zebra print...(if you know me and animal print) and all the bling! Check it out!

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  1. These are such fun ideas! I haven't had my 100th day yet, and I'll definitely be using these ideas! Thanks for sharing! I'm one of your newest followers!

    If you have time I'd love for you to stop by my blog! I just posted a "Number Surgery" freebie you'll have to check out!



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