Tuesday, January 22, 2013

DIY: Burlap Wreath

One of my friends Carrie posted a wreath she made for her house. Can I just say I FELL IN LOVE with it.  So today I went out and bought all the materials to make this wreath.  I give Carrie all the credit for the idea.  I am going to show you how I made it because I know you will LOVE IT too!


1. I went to Hobby Lobby and Michaels and bought the materials
At Hobby Lobby I bought the Vine Wreath, Burlap, Initial C
 At Michaels I bought the clip on bows
 2. I wrapped the burlap around the wreath. I did about one half of the wreath. Tuck the ends through the vines to make it stay tight. 
3. Attach the flowers. I loved that the flowers were clip on because it made it so much easier/faster

4. Paint the initial the color of your choice. I choose to paint it white.
5. Attach the letter with the burlap. I cut a long strip of burlap to attach it to and hang it with.

6. Hang it on your door

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