Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Jungle Kindergarten Classroom (Pictures)

Here are some pictures of my classroom :)
Welcome to the Jungle!
 Word Wall and Computers
 Computers, Word Wall, Cubbies
 Kitchen Center to the left
 Writing Wall and Alphabet Line
 Writing Center
 Writing Wall
 Smartboard/Group Time
 Front of the room
 Reading Center

The view from the door
 Open House Night
Put Balloons with Treat bags on their desk. 
Don't you love the animal print balloons?


  1. I LOVE it! I have a jungle themed classroom this year, too. Where did you find your rugs and chair covers?

    1. Hi! I got the rugs at Ross and Garden Ridge. I got fabric from Hobby Lobby and made them with the sewing machine. Just measured the chair and sewed to fit.

  2. I love the balloon with the treat bag idea. Open house is next week for me. Hhmm I will post pics in my blog. Thank u a million. I will say I got the idea from you :-)

    1. I LOVED the balloons. It was my first year doing it and it was a BIG hit! Let me know when you post pics. I would Love to see it. Good luck at open house.


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