Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wednesday Featured Teacher and Freebie... Meet Julie Jackson

Meet Julie Jackson over at 
Educating Everyone 4 Life
Educating Everyone 4 Life
Check out her blog: Education Everyone for Life

What do you teach? And where? 
I teach in Mexia, Texas. I am a special education teacher.  This past year I taught English grades 9-12.

What is one of your favorite memories in the classroom?
One of my favorite memories is when my class created a Texas history museum. The students researched prehistoric Texas, Texas Indians, and frontier life. They brought in fossils, artifacts, historical items, and provided art work. It was an amazing experience for my students and a huge success. Our state representatives wrote us letters and praised our accomplishment. I will never forget the experience nor will my students. It was great!

What was your hardest experience while teaching? How did you overcome it.
The most difficult experience for me as a teacher is when a student has to deal with issues such as hunger, abuse, or neglect at home. I have learned that I can make a difference in a child's life by being flexible. For example, If a student lives in an environment where survival is a battle they sometimes face, my expectations of completing homework are not a top priority. I create a safe predictable classroom where all students experience some form of success.

What advice would you give a new teacher or someone switching grade levels?
Hang in there! Do not give up or get discouraged! You are important and the students appreciate you!

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