Monday, August 19, 2013

Classroom Pencil Sharpner Review--- It is so QUIET

Have you ever heard of Classroom Friendly Supplies

Have you seen their AMAZING pencil sharpener? 
Can you believe it is as quiet as people say it is? 

I have been seeing this sharpener on different blogs and heard how quiet and amazing it was. I have probably entered several giveaway to win one but never won. I have been lucky enough to be able to do a review on this sharpener. I was super excited when I found out. I couldn't wait for this beauty to come in the mail. Finally it arrived. Here is the beautiful red pencil sharpener!

 It came almost put together. All I had to do was lock the handle in place and use the table clamp to hook to my table. It was very simple and no directions needed. I was surprised on how simple it was.
Lets go through the EASY steps on how to sharpen a pencil.

Step One: 
Pull out the metal face away from the sharpener. Pinch the knobs at the top to open the hole so the pencil can be put in.
 Step two: 
Place the pencil in the hole while still pinching the knobs together at the top.
Step 3: 
Release the knobs. You will not have to hold the pencil anymore because the sharpener holds it in place for you! No extra work :)
 Step 4: 
Turn the handle to sharpen the pencil until it stops.
 Step 5: 
Pinch the knobs together at the top to release the pencil
 You're Done! Look how sharp that pencil is! I was amazed at how sharp it was and it didn't even eat the pencil up like an electric sharpener.
 I had to sharpen another pencil to make sure I wasn't seeing things. The second one was just as sharp and as you can see in the picture still as tall as the un-sharpened pencil.

 Here is a picture of the table clamp. All you have to do is place the bar through the bottom of the sharpener and then tighten the clamp till it is tight.

This sharpener has become my favorite one! I will never have another sharpener in my classroom ever again. This sharpener is super quiet, keeps my pencils sharp, and doesn't eat the pencils up. It is very simple to use,  I can even trust my kindergarten students to use it. I am excited for this to be apart of my classroom this year. I would HIGHLY recommend this product to everybody.

Please go check out the website:

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