Sunday, July 28, 2013

Back To School

Look at some of the things I have got!

Zebra Clipboards from Walmart.
Ribbon from Dollar Tree and Walmart.
 Alphabet/Spelling Puzzles
Ross, Old Time Pottery, Ollies
 Animal Print Baskets
Garden Ridge
 School Supplies 
 Teacher Store and Walmart
 Leaves to put in my room from IKEA
Got this cute little container from Dollar Tree. I cut an opening on the lid.
Now I have myself a Box Top holder for the classroom.
 I made all my students birthday bags!
 Redid my who, what, when, where, why, and how sign in bright colors.
 Look at my picture frames. 
 I finally made a Substitute Binder.
You can find the template at Journey of a Substitute Teacher

I am still working on lots more!! :)


  1. How are you using your clipboards? I was standing at Walmart for the longest time thinking what to do with them. I have clipboards for my kids to use and a school one for me, but I love those clipboards they match my room perfectly

    1. I always use them for the sign in sheets and information sheet at open house for parents to sign. I will use them in the classroom as sign in sheets for computer and smartboard center. I have one I use for transportation. I carry it out to the buses and car rider line everyday. I LOVED them. I had to go back and get them


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