Friday, August 10, 2012

DIY: File Crate Seat for the Classroom

Seats for my classroom!

have been wanting to make them but haven't found the time.  I have been seeing them all over pinterest. With the inspiration from Pre-K Pages I decided to try it since the plactic chairs I have in my room at the kitchen area are broken. Surprisingly, It did not take that long to make.  It took me around 10 minutes to do both seats!! I am so happy that I made them. Here is how I made them. 

I went shopping!!!

First, you have to get a piece of wood. I got mine from Lowes Hardware. I carried my crate in with me and the guy measured it and cut it for me! Wasn't that so nice? The guy said that I was like the fourth person this week that has came in with crate and asked for boards to be cut to fit. I guess I wasn't the only one that was making them for my classroom! (they must be popular) After I left Lowes Hardware I went to Walmart.  At Walmart I got the foam and fabric.  

After I got all my supplies I took the foam and cut it to fit on top of the board. The picture below shows one piece of foam cut. I actually cut two pieces of foam for one crate because I wanted my cushion to be more thicker.

After I cut the foam, I put the fabric out on the floor.  The fabric I got was actually a fabric shower curtain.  (I was too lazy to drive to hobby lobby to get fabric cut) My husband told me that I would be the only one to do such a thing.  I cut the fabric where it would be large enough to fold over the foam and the board. 

After you placed the foam and then the board on the fabric start pulling the fabric around the board and use a staple gun to staple it tight. 

After you have finished stapling the fabric then it should be ready to place in the crate.  It is as EASY as THAT!! YOU should definitely try it! I am super excited about this new chair for my classroom.  The kids will love it and I can store things inside it ;) I was going off the wall with excitement when I finished.  My husband thought I was a crazy teacher. 

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