Sunday, July 29, 2012

Summer Working (cool stuff for classroom)

I have been busy, busy, busy!! I have been making, creating, printing, laminating, and cutting.  Here is some of things that I have been up too! Tell me what you think.  Hope you like it.  I am excited to use them in my room this year!!

I took a corn and green beans can and cleaned it after I cooked supper and decided to make me nice pencil holders for the classroom.  I first made one for unsharpened pencils and thought it was so cute that I had to make one for my group table. So I added my (new) name to it!
1. Get a can.
2. Scrape booking paper: Cute and glue/tape around the can
3. Ribbon: Tie ribbon around the can. I also taped it down so that it wouldn't slide.
4. Make a Label and glue to the front.

I kept seeing all these cute theme banners that everyone was making for this classroom and it made me want to make one with animal prints. I thought it turned out very nicely. Now, I just have to find a place to put it in my classroom. 
1. Cut paper into triangles (The size you desire) I free handed the first triangle and then traced it out for the rest of them. 
2. Ribbon: Glue the ribbon on top of the triangle pieces. 
3. Make sure that you leave extra ribbon on both sides so that you can tie it up.

CUTE Labels I found from a blog (I am sorry I can't remember who, let me know if it was you so I can give you credit)  I will be using this year for my sorting baskets in the room.  They will replace my old ones from last year.  These are going to match the theme of my room even better. It gets better every year!

Math Centers by Miss. Kindergarten that I have been printing, laminating, and cutting apart for the upcoming school year. I love them so far!

Popsicle Math: Students have to count the dots on the bottom of the popsicle and find the number to match to make the complete popsicle.
 Decompose/compose: Students have to count the ten sticks/ones to figure out how much is shown in the bucket.  They will place the matching shovel with the number on the bucket.
 Beach Ball Fun: Teen Number Practice.  Students will have to add a number to 10 and then find the correct beach ball with that number. 

Some Cute Stuff I found that I am using in the classroom this year!

BOOKMARKS (can not remember who I got these from): 
I am going to give every child one of these bookmarks for their reading tubs and a couple in the reading center. 
 Aren't these the cutest alphabet letter cards.  They are all jungled out and match the theme :) I wish I could remember who's blog I got this off of to give them credit. It was a freebie and they are so cute!

I can not wait to start making somemore things for the classroom.  I am in the process of making a parent common core packet. (so they know what is excepted of their child throughout the year)


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