Friday, March 8, 2013

What's been going on this week?

Hello Everyone! I am so sorry that I haven't posted lately, I have been super busy.  From being a newlywed, teacher, coach's wife, friend, etc I have been pull in all directions. So... What have everyone been up to this week. What lesson have you been teaching? Here are some pictures on some things that I captured in the classroom this week. :)

In science, we have been talking about weather. One day we discussed clouds and how raindrops fall.  We discuss that clouds get full of water and become heavy which cause it to rain. Here is the experiment that we did.

Fill a container full of water. Put shaving cream on top to represent the clouds. Take blue food coloring and squirt some in one place (a couple drops). It will become heavy and it will start to RAIN.

Last week, we discussed how paper can change in water. We discussed the different types of paper (construction paper and copy paper) We predicted which paper we thought would absorb water the fastest by using people poppers.  The people popper are folded up like a boat and when it absorbs water it unfolds and they lay flat.  The kids loved seeing the construction paper unfold immediately and the copy paper stayed folded like a boat longer. The students discovered that construction paper absorbs water faster and talked about why that happened.

We have two new math centers this week. One center is called "Pots of Gold." Students put the pots in order from 1-30. After they have put them in order,  place gold on top to match the number.  The other center is our "Describe Me" center.  Students have objects they have to weight on a balancing scale. We use cubes to determine the weight. Then, they tell how long the object is by measuring with cubes.  After they have completed two objects, they compare and see which object weighted more and which one was longer.

I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL weekend!!!

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  1. This Science project is too cute. Your newest followers. Hop over and see us sometime.

    Kristy and Misty


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