Saturday, November 3, 2012

When it rains.... it pours!

Wow! That is the only word I can think of to express my thought on the last week in a half.  Have you ever had a week that you felt like the saying... 

If it rains.. it pours was true? 

That is how I have felt. I am sorry that I haven't been able to post lately.  My computer decided to go on a vacation and never come back. :(  My MacBook Pro crash last week and I was unable to recover anything.  I was finishing up my monthly progress reports that I send home and the report cards.  I was so upset that I have lost everything and would have to start all over. I went to the apple store and the only thing they could do was send it to get the hard drive replaced which would cost 300 dollars.  On top of that, I lost my Microsoft programs for the mac.  (i lost the disk throughout the moving in the past years) I had to buy the new software so that I would be able to open all my lesson plans that I have typed.  BUT... since the last program I was using was the version 8 and now they have version 11 my lessons are not compatible.  They will show up where I can read them but will not let me edit it because it made my text boxes into pictures. Like I said .. IT POURS.. I have stayed up two nights in a row working on finding a solution.  I believe I have found one way to make it work but it involves TOO MANY steps.  I have to get on my husbands computer and save my lesson plan in docx and then open it on mine and redo the text boxes and then save in doc.  It is too complicated.  If anybody has a better solution let me know. 

On top of all these happening, I had to be observed this week.  In our county we have a program called beginning Teacher.  When you enter the county as a new teacher you have to be in the program for three years.  This means you have to be observed four times a year.  This is my third year (Yay) and I will get to graduate :) but until the end of the year...I have to be observed four times. I just got observed two weeks ago by my Assistant Principal and then I got observed yesterday by the county office.  I will say, the observation went fantastic. The lady that came observed came in first thing in the morning and stayed for about an hour.  She later came back to my room after lunch to let me know how amazing I did and complement me.  She said that she is always impressed with me and I don't seem like a third year teacher.  She said that she has no criticism and that when she comes back to sign the observation she will concentrate on telling me about my strengths.  I was super excited to hear that.  After having a crazy week with all the computer issues this made my weekend. I know that most teachers know how this felt when you were starting out.  I was grinning from ear to ear :) 

On another note, I have lots of things to share about that I have been doing in my classroom. I will try to post about them tomorrow and include pictures. :) My class has been doing their pumpkin investigation and have literacy centers that I have been wanting to share....I can't wait to show you. Keep a look out for the post coming soon :)

Have a fantastic weekend! 

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