Sunday, November 4, 2012

Pumpkin Investigation

Pumpkin Investigation

Last week, my students and I did a pumpkin investigation.  We read books about how pumpkins grow and learned that pumpkins come in all different sizes.  Here are some of the books that I read. 

During the week, we explore our own pumpkins.  I divide my class into four groups.  I give each group their own pumpkin that they will use the whole week.  I choose pumpkins that are all different sizes, color, and shape.  (I will always try to find one pumpkin that has bumps all over it because students have never seen one before)

The first day, I have the students be SCIENTIST and start collecting data about their pumpkin. 

1. Discuss what the pumpkin looks like, color, texture.
2. We count how many lines are on the pumpkin

3. Measure how tall our pumpkins are using cubes.

4. Compare the weight of the pumpkins

 5. Determine rather the pumpkin will sink or float
Students predict what they think will happen and then test it

6. Count how many seeds are in our pumpkin

After we have finished, each group came to the smartboard and recorded their findings on their group data sheet and then we compared each groups pumpkin. Who had the biggest/smallest pumpkin, most/least lines and seeds, sink/float, tallest/shortest, etc.

We had a lot of fun with this pumpkin investigation last week. I couldn't wait to share :)
Have a great week of School!


  1. Wow! This is quite impressive. I can't believe how many things your students did. I really like how you used different kinds of pumpkins too. Obviously from the pics your students were engaged and learned a lot. We made pumpkin globes. It was lots of fun.

  2. Great pictures. You should come link up to my giveaway/linky party. THis post would be excellent to enter. It's called Teacher's Gonna Snap. A linky for showcasing your classroom photos.

  3. Great photos. This is the first year that I did not carve a pumpkin with my kids! I have put it back on my must to list:) I your post by way of Miss Nelson's Linky! Great activities.

    The Resourceful Apple

    1. Thank you so much. We had so much fun with the activities and the kids learned so much in so many different areas.

  4. All your activities look great! Just like Tammy I found you via the linky;)

    Surfin' Through Second

    1. Thank you so much! I am heading your way to look at your blog:)

  5. This looks like so much fun!! And I love the bumpy pumpkins! :)

    Lessons with Laughter

    1. It was fun! They really enjoyed it and learned so much. The bumpy pumpkins are my favorite too :)


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