Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Math Centers This Week

 I hope everyone is having a blessed week so far at school! I know that I am finally getting into more teaching. Which I LOVE!!  First off I want to show you what I won at our PTO Meeting!!

Isn't that so amazing? Parents paid money to put their child's teacher into a drawing for this supply cake.  I was so honored to win it.  There is so much wonderful things inside.  I think it is so pretty that I don't want to take it apart to use the supply. ;) My kids loved having it delivered to the classroom today. (I think they were more excited because they also get a special snack from the PTO)

Now that I got all my excitement out, I wanted to share with you some of the math centers that my class are working on this week!

K.CC.1 and K.CC.4 Pencils/Erasers: 
Students have to count the dots on the pencils and then place the correct number eraser on top!
K.CC.1 and K.CC.4  Pigs/Corn:
Students have to put the pigs in order from 1-10.  Then they draw a corn cob and count the dots and place the corn on the correct numbered pig.
K.CC.1, K.CC.3 and K.CC.4 Counting Sets:
Students draw a card with pictures on it.  They have to count how many are there and use their wipe off boards and write that number.  They are practicing counting one-to-one and writing numbers. 
 This center is to help in Common Core Standard K.CC 4.b and K.CC.1
The number of objects is the same regardless of their arrangement or the order in which they are counted.  The students place the number cards in order and place the picture cards under the correct number. 
K.CC.1 and K.CC.4 Counting to tell the number of objects
students have to put number cards in order and then place that many bears on the card.  

I hope that you enjoyed some of the math centers that I am using this week and maybe you can use some in your classroom!!


  1. Thanks for visiting me! Thanks for some great ideas for math centers! I've been trying to do more centers so I can have more one and one time with my owlets!
    Owl Things First!

  2. I simply love the NEW DESIGN...the baby animal graphics are so cute!!


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