Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Data Organization "at a glance" Notebook

Is it sometimes hard to collect data and know how to use it to benefit the students? Have you ever felt like you could see what all the students know at the same time? My grade level has came up with a great idea for data organization and have been using it for years now.  We have a notebook that has all the material that we assess in it.  For example, one page in my book is for uppercase letter recognition.  Every single child is listed on the page and it shows what they know and don't know.  It is an easy resource for me because I can look at it and see exactly where my whole class is "at a glance."  It helps to see where the largest need is and helps in planning my lessons to benefit the students.

How I created my notebook...

Do you know those grade books and lesson plan books that the school always gives you? If your like me they always ended up in the closet not being used. Does yours look like this?

My grade level took this lovely unused notebook and glued our charts for each area in the book and added the wonderful sticker tabs.

Here are some pictures... Sorry if you can't see them too well.

The initials of the students are listed along the bottom of the page and the green that is colored in shows what they know.

 Reading Assessment Data shows what reading level the students are on!

For math we write the standard along the top and mark what level they scored on benchmarks.  This helps in seeing what needs to be re-taught. 

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