Tuesday, February 28, 2012

St. Patrick's Day & Slap Game

Wow, what a day! I had to leave school earlier because I was sick! Three kids were absent, sent one home before I left, and another left after I did. This sickness has got to GO AWAY!  I have been laying in bed all day long.  I am finally feeling a little better to be able to hold down food.  If you know me, I am the type of person that can not sit around without doing anything.  After feeling a little better, I pulled the laptop out and started working on St. Patrick's Day stuff (it will be here before you know it).  I put together a packet. This St. Patrick's Day Math, Reading, & Writing Packet includes:

Math Activity:

What makes 10? Students will match equations to the correct ten frames. (pg. 2-5)

Lucky Charms Sorting Sheet and Graphing Sheet (pg. 6-7)


CVC Words (-at, -an, -ug, -ig, -op, -og): Students will sort cards to the correct cvc family. (other games can be created with the cards) (pg. 8-15)


Write the Room Paper (pg. 16)

Writing Paper with Topics (pg. 17-19)
How can you catch a leprechaun?
How could you get to the end of the rainbow?
What would you do with a pot of gold?

I also was looking through different blogs and I found this CUTE idea for students to review their High Frequency Words.  Thanks to Kindergarten and Mooneyisms for the idea.

The game is simple.  I put our vocabulary words on different colored sheets of tag board.  (That way if a word gets mixed up with another stack, it's easy to spot.)  Words cards lie on top of table face up.  I call out a word.  Person to find it first slaps their hand down on top of the card, then takes the card and puts it to the side in "their pile".  Person with the most words wins!

(Hint:  Don't call out the last word when there's just one card left on the table.  Otherwise it becomes a wrestling match.)

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