Monday, April 8, 2013

Lots of Staining!!

Over Spring Break, my husband and I have been doing lots of work around the house. We decided to stain the back deck, back fence, and front railings. I did not realize how much fencing we had until we had to ROLL the whole thing. We started off by pressure washing everything and then started staining.  Look at the before pics.

 Here is my husband pressure washing the fence. 
I did not realize how dirty the fence was.
 This was the deck before the staining.
 The ROLLING took FOREVER. I never realized how much fencing I had.  I should have bought a paint sprayer.
 Ta-Da Here is the newly stained Deck :)

 I am so glad this project is DONE!


  1. That was an awesome transformation! Be thankful that you have a pressure washer to help you with the cleaning. I'm sure that without it, you'd have been enduring long hours scrubbing your deck and fence to remove all the dirt. Take care of your deck!

    -Renew Crew Clean

  2. Your deck looks great! The stain even matches your outdoor grill! As for the fence, while the spray paint is faster, the rollers actually work better in the long run, since you get a thicker coat than just a pass with the sprayer. But yeah, it can be quite a chore to do that whole length of fence! Heh.



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