Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Jars for Gifts

Merry Christmas to all my friends/followers.  I hope you each had a fantastic and blessed day with your families. I know that this Christmas is going to be a Christmas to remember.  This was the first Christmas that my husband and I spent as a married couple. :) It was amazing to spend today with both sides of the family! I love seeing all the smiles and love that is shared.  Before Christmas I was trying to think of a nice little gift that I could give everyone that I worked with and to some of the family members.  I spent hours on pinterest looking at all of the Christmas gift idea and I found one that I fell in LOVE with! It is the Christmas Chex mix Jar! I got the idea from Amanda's Party's To Go. Look at the jars I made..... I even made one for the MAILMAN :)

Here is how I made the jars:

The only things you need to make it are:
Jars,  Chocolate Chex Cereal, M&M's, Muddy Buddies, Pretzels, Candy Canes

*I took a large bowl out of the kitchen and a large spoon.  
*Take all the ingredients listed above and mix it together then pour it into the jars. 
*I took tissue paper and cut it into squares to place over the lid to add a spice of color. 

*I took green ribbon and hot glued it around the lid for decorations

* I took yarn for the small jars and gift ribbon for the large jars to tie the candy canes on.

*After I finished I put round gift tag stickers on the top of the jar. 


I made them for my co-workers, friends, family, and even the mailman. 

Here is the jar I made the mailman...
Wrote on tag.."Thank you for bring our mail to us everyday! Merry Christmas"
We placed it in the mailbox that night and it was gone the next day! I hope he liked it!

I hope everyone had a BLESSED CHRISTMAS!


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