Friday, October 5, 2012


I found this awesome blog,Oh' Boy 4th Grade, she has a monthly Currently Party.  Here is the link to her party, Farley's Monthly Currently Parties.  Every single month this teacher ask teachers all over the world to fill out this currently form about their life.  This is a great way to share about you and learn a little about other people. Great way to connect and share.  Check it out sometime. 

Now moving on to my currently....

I am currently calming myself after finding out at the end of school that my uncle passed away.  I barely could hold back the tears while I was walking my kids to the bus.  I am calming myself before I go visit my family.  We have been going through a lot the past week and haven't had that many hours of sleep. Please keep my family in your prayers. 

I am absolute love that it is Friday! This day could have not gotten here any faster. I have had a very LONG week.  I am actually off this weekend from my second job (which I never have off) but I will be working at the school for the Fall Festival tomorrow.  But at least will be fun and get to see all the families having fun.

I am thinking that I hope my family gets through this situation with my uncle with strength from God.  My aunt (his wife) is having a very hard time with him passing away.  She needs all the prayers you can give.  I also have a celebration because today I one of my students were able to put the letters of their name in order. I was so excited because we have been working on it forever and I never thought I would get him to do it. 

I am wanting to spend more time with my husband. We just got married this past June and we both are so busy.  I am a kindergarten teacher that works a second job at Zales after school and on the weekends.  My husband is a high school teacher and he is the athletic trainer at the school and football coach.  I hardly ever see him because he staying after school for all the home events and travels with the football team. He is only off on the weekends but I work the weekends.  I want to find some time that we can spend together, especially since we just got married. 

I need some ice cream! I feel that some strawberry cheesecake will make me feel better :)

I love the book "There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat"  The students absolutely loves it and the book is can be very interactive!!

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  1. Hi there! Just found your blog through the "Currently" fun happenin over at "Oh Boy 4th Grade." Looks like we are both 1st time participants in "currently"

    You're blog looks great!
    The Classroom Game Nook Blog

  2. Just found your blog through the "Currently" over at "Oh Boy 4th Grade."
    It looks cute...I am so sorry to hear of your Uncle's passing..((HuGS)) to you and prayers too!
    I miss Ice Cream...see my currently and you will understand!

  3. Just found your cute blog through the linky party. I'm your newest follower. Stop by when you get a chance.

    Waving from The Teacher's Chatterbox,


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