Wednesday, April 11, 2012

DIY Projects I have made!

While looking through Pinterest, I decided to attempt to make a wreath for my door.  I was very excited about this wreath.  It is in my favorite three colors (black, white, and pink) :)

 The only materials that you need to make this wreath is:
Foam wreath
Ribbon of choice
Straight Pins and Straight Pins with pearls
1. Pin the beginning of the ribbon to the foam wreath.
2. Start wrapping the ribbon around the circle.  I wrapped mine twice to make sure that I could not see through it. After you are finished wrapping it around pin the end down in both corners.
3. Grab the felt and cut out lots of circles.  It does not matter the size or if the circles are perfectly cut.
4. Fold the circle in half and then fold it again in half (should look like a triangle) Pin the folded point to the wreath. Fluff out the end to create the look of a flower.  Keep pinning more felt until you are happy with the look.
5. Take the pearl straight pins and randomly place them in the felt to give the look of the center of the flower.  This adds extra details. 
6. Cut ribbon to make a handle and use straight pins to pin in place.
7. Hang on door

Birthday Gift to My Dad
Hero Package
I got this idea from Alpha Mom!
My dad absolutely LOVED this gift.  He loved the individual labels that went along with each food.
The material I got (which you can create your own)
Wooden Box to put everything in.
Energy Chips: BBQ chips
Hero Juice: Mountain Dew
Secret Identity Bar: Heresy Bar
Freshens Breath: Mints
Hero Nosh: Cookies
Energy Booster: Yogurt Pretzels 
Hero Vitamin Pellets: Peanuts
X-ray Vision Drops: Peanut Butter M&Ms
You can download Labels at Alpha Mom

Birthday Gift to My Friend
Sunshine in a Box
I found this idea over at Happy Money Saver
The only thing you have to do to make this is find anything that is the color YELLOW.
Candy, drinks, gum, Jewelry,  etc.
You can find the labels at Happy Money Saver

Mail Holder for Fridge
I made this mail holder because I got tried of having mail all over the table and counter.  
Materials you need:
Cereal Box, Scrapebooking paper, and glue
1. Cut the cereal box so that you have an opening to place your mail
2. using scrapbooking paper to cover the outside and inside. 
3. Place on fridge.

Wedding Sign for Ring Bearer to Carry
I still have to drill holes in the corners to add the ribbon so that our ring bearer will be able to carry it. 

Here are the steps to making this sign.

Step 1:
Buy a board, I bought mine from Hobby Lobby, and paint it.  I painted mine white. 
Step 2:
I added damask boarder at the top and bottom of the board by using stickers I found at Hobby Lobby.
Step 3:
Start writing the message with paint.  I wrote mine out with pencil first.
Step 4: 
Add the flowers for details.
Step 5: 
Drill Holes in the corners to place Ribbon through so it can be carried. 

Wedding Sign for the Back of the Bride/Groom Chairs
These will be the chair signs I will be having on my chairs at my wedding.  They will be placed on top of white chair covers.  You can find these free printable over at Wedding Chicks

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