Thursday, September 15, 2011

Happy Thursday!

Hi friends!  I am trying to be one of those people that post all the time but I just can't.  I feel I have been overly busy lately with school, meetings every day after school, wedding planning, and outside of school life.  I can't wait till things calm down.  Wait, I forgot I'm a teacher! It never will!  Today, I just want to share some great ideas and things I have found.  Right now in kindergarten we are learning to write our numbers in math.  I found this great lesson idea to use with the CD "Totally Math" by Dr. Jean.  I have the CD but never thought to use it!  Use the song "Chant and Write" to help kids practice writing numbers.  All of the students will have a wipe-off board and dry erase marker.  Play one number in the song at a time and model how to write the numbers as they sing the song.  Then the students practice writing the numbers on the board while they sing the song.  After they made it from 0-5, ask the students questions  and have them point to specific numbers.  For example, point to number 5, point to the number that is between 3 and 5, point to the numbers that are larger than 3, point to the number that is less than 1, etc. This will keep your students engaged while practicing.

I also LOVE the website!!!  The fonts that you can download for free are amazing! I have been sharing them will all my teammates at school.  The newsletters that are sent home weekly are looking wonderful from all the cool fonts!

I would also like to share this wonderful article by Ron Clark!  It is so true!!! Click on the link below to read article.

What Teachers Really Want To Tell Parents


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